Coastal Contemporary: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Modernism

Coastal Contemporary: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Modernism

September 23, 2014
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In architectural and design circles the reference to a style called ‘Coastal Contemporary’ is a fairly new moniker. In fact, a Google search only returns a paltry 84,700 results when referencing the term ‘coastal contemporary architecture.’ Compare that to the 2,220,000+ results on a search for ‘modern architecture.


Coastal contemporary is a design movement that is gaining in momentum in warm, tropical locations. “It’s a mix of modern and traditional styles; particularly influenced by the International style and Key West style with features such as large exterior overhangs and a mix of finishes that include stucco, glass and natural woods like cypress,” explained Mark Sultana, architect for INFINITY Longboat Key and a leader in creating structures in the coastal contemporary language – including the award-winning Sarasota Yacht Club. The metal roofs are practical and reflect the notion that coastal contemporary buildings are mostly built on islands. “It’s a warm, relaxed design that includes clean lines but is not as austere as a true modern structure,” said Sultana.


British Colonial, Caribbean and Key West influences of “bringing the outside in” with large windowsand doors to create a connection to the water are some of the most prominent influences of the coastal contemporary style. Windows and doors maintain proportion while maximizing natural sunlight.


INFINITY Longboat Key will be a shining example of coastal contemporary living with just 11 stylish residences each with their own spacious terraces overlooking the beach, as well as floor to ceiling impact windows and pure glass terraces allowing for an unobstructed views. Modern meets comfort at INFINITY Longboat Key. Be ONE of 11.

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