Meet Your INFINITY Neighbors Robert and Marcia

Meet Your INFINITY Neighbors Robert and Marcia

February 19, 2015
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For the last seven years Michigan natives Bob and Marcia have been searching the Sarasota area for their “perfect” Florida home. In describing INFINITY Marcia says,“I love the clean lines of the building and the fact that the entire design was focused on the gorgeous view of the ocean. We were intrigued by INFINITY and even though we had previously ruled out condominium living we realized that it was an outstanding looking development and it would be a great place to call home,” she added.

For Bob, it’s INFINITY’s outdoor living space that really sold him on his future home. “There is a 20’ by 50’ patio just off the living room – that’s 1000 square feet of outdoor entertaining area overlooking the beach, with a kitchen and grill. I don’t know of anywhere else you can enjoy that view while entertaining a group of friends.”

During cold Michigan winter days Marcia would hear the music from the INFINITY virtual tour playing on Bob’s computer and would tease him by asking, “Are you watching that video again?”

The couples’ ties to the area are strong on both sides of the family. The Schaubs recently sold a company that they owned and operated together for 17 years. They are now eager to make Longboat Key and INFINITY their permanent address.

“The team of Randy, Mark, Carrie and our wonderful realtor Nell really made quite an impression on us,” said Bob. Bob and Marcia are just ONE of 11 lucky buyers to call INFINITY home.

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