Construction at Infinity is taking shape

Construction at Infinity is taking shape

August 10, 2015
Infinity Information
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We hope you are enjoying your summer.  

We are pleased with our continued progress at Infinity Longboat Key and as you can see from the above aerial photograph the project is really taking shape.  The construction team has been working six days a week for a few months now.  This has allowed the construction process to gain additional momentum and to stay on track despite dealing with inclement weather in July.  

In June Tandem Construction completed the South pile caps (foundations) and the vertical columns for the first elevated deck.  In July they were able to complete the concrete pour on both the North and South halves of the first elevated deck, as well as the columns and shearwalls for the second floor elevated deck.  With the first floor deck pour complete they began rough-in for plumbing and electrical for the first floor.   Tandem has now completed the concrete pour on both halves of the second elevated deck and expects to be pouring the north half of floor three next week.

We will continue to update you as to the progress being made at Infinity Longboat Key.  As we mentioned in our previous update, if you have not had a chance to finalize your upgrade selections please get back with Carrie to do so.  She is working closely with Tandem to see that these are all confirmed with Tandem as soon as possible.

Click Here to view a short video of recent progress.

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