Residence A

Residence A

First Floor

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4 Bedroom End Unit | 4.5 Baths
AC Area: 3,638 sq ft
Gulf Side Balcony: 892 sq ft
Bay Side Balcony: 470 sq ft

Total Balcony: 1,362 sq ft

TOTAL (Interior & Balcony Area): 5,000 sq ft

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Stated dimensions are measured to the exterior boundaries of the exterior walls and the centerline of interior demising walls and in fact vary from the dimensions that would be determined by using the description and definition of the "unit" set forth in the declaration (which generally only includes the interior airspace between the perimeter walls and excludes interior structural components). Additionally, measurements of rooms set forth on any floor plan are generally taken at the greatest points of each given room (as if the room were a perfect rectangle), without regard for any cutouts. Accordingly, the area of the actual room will typically be smaller than the product obtained by multiplying the stated length times width. For your reference, the area of the unit, determined in accordance with these defined boundaries is 3,638 SQ. FT. All dimensions are approximate, and all floor plans and development plans are subject to change.